Monday, September 29, 2008


Totally Awesome Dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE Youtube! Found some great music video's from the 70's....especially those old Genesis classics (I'm a great prog-rock lover). Also found some great clips from the Paul Hogan (remember him?) show and Seinfeld which I had a good cackle over. Pity about the slowness of our computers really does test my patience!!!! Another great resource for libraries - particularly if one is looking for documentary clips.

Web 2.0 Awards

Having worked through this course over many weeks now I have to say that Flickr is a cut above the rest. Here's why. The range of images is quite astounding and you can almost find an image on anything and everything at this site. The potential for growth and expansion is incredible. In a library context this is particularly useful for those involved in school projects, research, or plain general interest.

ZoHo is a NoGo


Just been on ZoHo.....Lost my way hopelessly....however managed to create a test document.


I must admit I found this execise rather confusing and difficult to get round....However, I have managed to create a search roll (although I'm not ON a roll here) and hope to explore this site a little bit further.
Here is the link

Library Thing Link

Library Thing

Hey Ho Folks!
This course just keeps getting better and better! I really enjoyed setting up an account at Library Thing and putting some of those gritty, action-packed, tales of derring-do naval books on my account...If I had the time, I would put my entire Naval collection here.....if I had the time.....

Image Generators

Hi Ho Folks!
Man did I have fun playin' around with Image Generators. As you can see on my blog spot I have discovered some Alphabet Soup within which is contained a hidden message.......

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sandbox Wiki

Whew! After waiting....waiting....anticipatin'.....when I clicked the "edit" button, nothing happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I waited for hours it seemed for the easy edit function to kick in. I started growing a beard and developing roots. Nevertheless, with the help of the lovely Sarah all's well that ends well!! Coolpoetry has now been added on to favourite blogs on Sandbox Wiki and I'm feelin very relieved indeed.


The idea of collaborative websites that expand and grow as people add, delete and edit information has certainly proved to be immensely appealing. In terms of information sourcing wikis really are valuable tools for enabling people to do research and learning. This is of course is enormously beneficial for libraries as one of many sources that can be effectively used to help our patrons find what they are searching for in terms of their information needs.
Certainly, our Fitch and Intranet applications would work well with a wiki.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Library 2.0

God bless modern technology. Yep! the future has arrived..... Our libraries need to be keeping up with modern technology and while I don't believe that we will ever lose our book collections Library 2.0 simply adds a new dimension to our already existing structure.

Books will never go out of date because people enjoy having the hard copy in their hands (difficult to read a good novel on the Internet). Equally however, the web does provide valuable sources of information easily, quickly and readily.


Just looked at Technorati and found it quite overwhelming at first. I really need more time to explore this website and could probably spend years doing so! I found it easy to navigate my way around the site although I found it somewhat limited in some of the areas that I was interested in - perhaps because it is very American!!!!

The covering page is clear and keeps one up to date on current items of interest. Want to explore this site when I have more time on my hands!